Being selfish on Thanksgiving

Being selfish on Thanksgiving

Wanting to spend time with family instead of working.

Maybe I’m being selfish, but hear me out. I thought it’d be a time to relax during Thanksgiving week, hang out with my family and eat my body weight in turkey. I was wrong. My grandmother immediately asked me to take candid photos of everyone throughout the night, since I’m the designated photographer of the family.

Let’s stop here. For some reason, my family consistently thinks that I want to take pictures for them for free, or for well under what I charge. And since they’re family, I’m obligated to. Which I don’t really mind that much, but let’s keep going.

When I take pictures for free, especially on Thanksgiving, I’m giving up my time so I can work. That time can be spent sitting on the couch and catching up with family members or playing outside with the kids. You may be thinking, “Stop being so dramatic! You’re still visiting with family even if your face is behind a camera!” Maybe you’re right. Let’s move on.

These photos are going to take up space on my computer. Yes, I know, I can delete them after I send them to my grandmother, but it stresses me out! I already don’t have enough space as it is!

Probably the biggest reason I hate working for free is editing. It can take HOURS just to edit a 30-minute session! Now, editing isn’t always necessary for free work (after all, it is FREE), but the day after Thanksgiving my aunt decided that I would love to take their Christmas photos for free. If they’re sending out my photos to their friends, do you think I want them to be unedited? Of course not! So I spent an hour working on 10 photos that we took in about five minutes.

Maybe I’m being a selfish jerk? I think in the end I just need to get a little courage and learn to say “no.”