Black Friday is taking over Thanksgiving

Black Friday is taking over Thanksgiving

What happened to the real Thanksgiving holiday?

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I really enjoy. The problem with this holiday is that it is often overlooked and its importance seems to be diminishing little by little.

This year I have noticed this more than ever. Black Friday seems to be taking over this holiday week to the point where people are going to have to start celebrating it earlier or later than usual. Black Friday is the name that is used to describe the day after Thanksgiving.

This day is known for its great deals and its pure chaotic features. If you go shopping on this day, some people might say that you are crazy. You will encounter thousands of people out looking for great deals.

I have personally shopped on this day for the past five years or so and each year it tends to get worse. People begin forming lines at stores days before this day and people are all fighting to get the things they want. This is all fine and dandy, but it has caused people to look forward to this shopping day more than Thanksgiving Day and this is the problem I have with this American tradition.

This year stores are opening at midnight on Thanksgiving night or even evening hours on Thanksgiving Day. Before you know it, these sales will be starting days before Thanksgiving and people will soon be eliminating Thanksgiving altogether.