Should you bring a date home for Thanksgiving?

Should you bring a date home for Thanksgiving?

Is Thanksgiving dinner the time to introduce your family to your new boyfriend/girlfriend?

Thanksgiving is known as a family tradition. One will gather with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and parents. This may be the perfect time to introduce the family to one’s new girlfriend or boyfriend. Or is it?

Stop and think for a moment. First, consider your family. What type of family do you have? Is your family the traditional kind? Do they believe only family belongs at the Thanksgiving table? Would they consider it okay for a surprise guest to show up at the dinner? If you brought a girlfriend or boyfriend to this dinner, would it have to be one in which you were seriously involved?  In this case, would serious mean that you saw a future commitment such as marriage as a possibility?

Next, consider your girlfriend or boyfriend. How would he or she handle this situation? Can he or she handle stress? Do you think he or she can handle being put on display? Yes, the person would definitely be on display for your entire family to judge. How would this make him or her feel? Could he or she act appropriately in this manner?

Now, consider why you want to bring this person to the dinner. Do you want to bring the person because you are in love and can’t bear to be apart from this person? Do you want to bring this person to introduce him or her to your family because you are proud of him or her, as well as your family? Do you want to bring him or her home to shock your family or prove something?

Consider all of these reasons and what could occur if you brought your girlfriend or boyfriend home. Then decide if you still think this is a good idea. If you do, consider not making the event a surprise one. Allow your family time to process before your arrival. Once you do arrive, arm in arm with your boyfriend or girlfriend, smile and try to have fun.