Simple decorating tips for Thanksgiving

Simple decorating tips for Thanksgiving

Festive, easy decorations for the holidays

Many people will forgo the idea of decorating for Thanksgiving since it is so close to Christmas. They will also forgo the idea because they have so many things to do. However, they can do some simple things to make the holiday more of a festivity. Here are some simple tips they can incorporate into their plans.

First, they can dress up their dining table. They can simply do this by dragging out those special plates, glasses and tablecloths that they save for special occasions. Afterall, Thanksgiving is a special occasion.

Next, they can actually add a centerpiece to their table. They can do this by placing a nice fall boutique of flowers to the center, adding a fall theme candle to the center or adding a basket filled with painted pinecones to it.

They can even dress up their living room a bit. They can do this by adding some warmer, darker throw covers and pillows or even some Thanksgiving theme ones, if they have some. Adding some pumpkin or spice scented candles, bowls filled with candy corn or a bowl filled with dried leaves are also nice touches.

Finally, one could add a nice fall theme wreath to their door. If there is no room for a wreath on the door, one could add a fall-inspired welcome mat in front of their door. All of these touches are easy to do. They take little to no time to accomplish. Plus, they add a little bit of Thanksgiving spark to your get together.