Thanksgiving activities

Thanksgiving activities

Thanksgiving activities for children and the young at heart

The weather is turning colder in many parts of the country. Thanksgiving is also drawing nearer. This is the ideal time to gather the children and maybe the adults of the family together and take part in some traditional Thanksgiving craft activities. After the crafts are completed, they can be used to decorate the house and be put on display for the big Thanksgiving Day itself.

Where do you begin? Why not begin by having the littlest ones of the group make a nice Thanksgiving Day turkey. This can be done easily by using some construction paper in the following color shades: dark brown, light brown, yellow, red and orange. 

To begin, draw a round circle on the dark brown paper. This will be used for the body of the turkey. The head can be drawn with a smaller circle on the light-brown paper and the neck can be drawn as a rectangle on the light brown circle. Finally, the legs can be drawn on the yellow pages. The feathers are the fun part. They can be drawn by tracing the hands of the child on the red paper. Now everything can be cut out, decorated and glued together.

While the young children are making the turkeys, the older children or adults can be making strings of leaves. These are simple leaves of many shapes and sizes that are attached to a string (preferably a brown one). The string can be strung anywhere in the home where it can be seen.

Remember leaves can be made of any shades such as: reds, oranges, yellows browns and can even be mixed shades. Of course, if you want to be really creative, you can gather your own leaves and try to glue them onto a string, without crushing them.