Thanksgiving decorating ideas

Thanksgiving decorating ideas

Decorating your table for a traditional Thanksgiving


Is there a better time to go all out and become traditional than a day like Thanksgiving? You have already gone to the bother of cooking a traditional feast for your family. Why not set the table to match? This can be done the day or two before the big event and when you begin setting all the delicious food onto that lovely table, you may be glad you went the extra step.

Where do you start? You start with a traditional table cloth. This would be a real table cloth made of material or lace. You can choose one that is the color and pattern you like. Simply wash it, dry it and place it on your table. If you do it in that order, there is no need to iron it (sorry mom, most of us still hates to use that iron.)

Next, think about your plates. Do you have a nice set of matching plates that you never use? Could this be the China set you got for your wedding day? This is the perfect occasion to get these out and use them. Of course, for the smallest visitors, you may choose to give them some of your less expensive plates to use and you can even place these visitors at their separate table to keep from breaking up your beautiful theme.

After you dig out the plates, look for your best napkins and glasses. Wash all of this, dry carefully and place on the table. Finally, the fun part begins. This is taking a drive to your nearest flower shop and choosing one nice autumn theme boutique for your center piece. Make sure it is one that will hold up until Thanksgiving and isn’t too big. You don’t want the flower to take up the entire room.

Once you get the flower home, place it in the middle of the table. For now, you can even place a couple of gold candles beside it for ambience. The candles can be moved on Thanksgiving to make room for the food. The flower can also be moved to a side table, if needed, to make extra room for your food.