365 Days of Thanks

365 Days of Thanks

"Yet, why is it that it becomes so easy to lose focus of these areas of thanks, as the days move further and further from the actual holiday?"

Thanksgiving has come and gone. We are now rapidly approaching the next holiday season although the weight of Thanksgiving may still be resting with some of us. As previously noted, Thanksgiving is often the time of year we recap on the previous months and give thanks for the positive things and people in our lives. Yet, why is it that it becomes so easy to lose focus of these areas of thanks, as the days move further and further from the actual holiday?

I cannot deny that I am guilty of moving forward and losing sight of the numerous things I say “thank you” for on Thanksgiving. Although we have not quite hit the time of New Year’s resolutions, for me, today I am making my own resolution – to give thanks each and every day for the things in my life…big or small, seemingly significant or not. Acknowledging those pieces of my life, I believe, will allow me to appreciate each day to the fullest; for there will come a day, where those pieces will change…will fade away and be lost in the eternal portal of time; only held onto by their memories, those invisible lasting prints left on a heart, mind or soul.

To make this change, I wanted to look back at the five days since my last post. What am I thankful for? I can easily allow thoughts to pass through my mind, giving silent thanks for each. Yet, part of this process, I believe…is not only taking a moment each day to be thankful, but also to verbalize what it is that I am thankful for. I cannot guarantee that verbalizing my thanks will impact anyone or anything, including the people or things for which I am thankful.  However, what impact does not saying it have?

So here I am…step one.

November 25th – Friday DAY 1

What am I thankful for? – I am thankful for my co-workers. My smartest co-workers opted to take the day after Thanksgiving off. The rest of us managed to fight through the turkey coma, roll into work at a reasonable time, and suffer through the eight hours together. We laughed, joked, ate more turkey, got a little work done and overall, managed to get through this “day after the holiday” together…with grace, humor and general appreciation for the cohesiveness of us all.

November 26th – Saturday DAY 2

What am I thankful for? – I am thankful for high school sports. Today I was blessed with attending a high school football game….the game before State. WOW! That took me back. The sportsmanship, teamwork and general atmosphere in the stadium was a trip back in time. I am thankful that I was able to play sports in high school, for the lessons in life that I now carry because of my involvement in sports, for the family, friends and students who support high school athletes, and for the athletes themselves – those individuals who show up for practice, work hard, sacrifice little pieces of their social lives to do something they enjoy. Go Columbine!!! Good luck at State.

November 27th – Sunday DAY 3

What am I thankful for? – I am thankful for date night. Relationships have a tendency to slow down. We all go through that “giddy” phase…the newness of a relationship is exciting and makes us want to be around that person all the time. We think about them when they are not around. We look forward to each passing minute that draws us near them again. With time, those moments can fade and the routine of life and the relationship itself can set in. Taking a day/night to spend time with one another, takes us back to those initial moments. So today, date night takes the cake. Lunch filled with laughs and a glass of wine on the lap, sneaking in drinks and treats to the movie theatre, and a little Edward, Jacob and Bella on the big screen…..makes for not only a great evening out, but a beautiful recap to those initial moments of our relationship.

November 28th – Monday DAY 4

What am I thankful for? – I am thankful for pink sunrises. I am not a morning person…not that I am crazy in the morning, but it takes some time and a little coffee to truly get me going. 11am sounds like a much better time to start off my day. Unfortunately my puppies prefer 6am. Today, I staggered out of bed, hooked up some leashes, took the elevator down to the first floor and stepped out to a chilly Monday morning…ready to pull out the green “poop bags” and let the puppies relieve themselves.  Still groggy and looking completely fashion challenged in my purple and white striped PJ pants, tan slip on shoes, and my red puffy coat…I step outside to a pink sky. Downtown Denver Hello Kitty style. I couldn’t see the sun itself, but the beautiful sky definitely warranted a pause, a smile and a better start to a Monday.

November 29th – Tuesday DAY 5

What am I thankful for? – I am thankful for candlelit baths and chicken noodle soup. Working with numerous people definitely exposes me to the world of germs.  Chances of getting sick seem to increase in my office and one person’s illness, passes through ¼ of the office in a relatively fast manner. Lucky me - I managed to land some sort of illness. I trudged through work anticipating my home, relaxing in its comfort and trying to nurse away whatever bug made me its home. Remedy: soup and a bath. Lipton doesn’t find its way into my cabinet too often, but today, it not only called my name, but also soothed an unsettled stomach…that rowdy little monster that kept me eyeballing the nearest bathroom all day. With a semi-settled stomach, a surprise candle lit bath was in my future. The warmth of the water, the gentle bubbles and the flicker of fire against the wall was a beautiful end to a rough day.

November 30th – TODAY  DAY 6

What am I thankful for? – I am thankful for my mother passing along her ability of resiliency at getting her way.  My mother has a masterful way of getting what she wants. Now, this doesn’t apply to everything in life, but she has managed to skillfully obtain sales, credits, etc. when a situation warrants it. She has passed this along…consistently reminding me to go for it when need be. Today, my mother shined through me. Cable bill came and once again, it was incorrect…a pattern of my monthly statements. The hour long phone call came next…first speaking with a representative who indicated he could not do anything with the fee that was applied for a technician having to come to the home. My mothers words lingered in my ear, “don’t take no for an answer”. Next step, speak to a supervisor. After waiting another 28 minutes to have him on the phone, my magic of gab and directly asking for what I wanted, resulted in that fee being waived. Victory! Thank you mother and thank you cable provider.

I look forward to what the next week brings. My challenge of stopping and giving thanks on a daily basis continues. Any takers?