October 2011

Thankful....For All The Other Sides

I received the authorization to head to Salt Lake City for a training through work. I jumped at this opportunity, as often times, I am not extended this invite. I looked at it as, not only an opportunity to learn additional tools to aid me in my job, but also as a chance to see a new city…have a few nice dinners and meet some new people.

I didn’t realize that I would learn far more on this short work inspired vacation. Now, I did explore a little and was able to see the famous temple in downtown. I ate at a quaint Mexican restaurant for dinner, had a glass of wine during the hotels complimentary wine tasting happy hour and enjoyed the quietness of my hotel and the city streets. Yet, it was ironically the training itself that seemed to have made the most impact and served as my inspiration for this article.

A Bowl Of Lessons

I cherish the importance that books have played in my life. They have provided knowledge, an escape from daily life, life lessons, and a place for my imagination to flourish. With that being said, I have always valued reading for oneself and reading to others. The children in my family are typical children…they play video/computer games, play hide and seek in the neighborhood, involve themselves in sports or music and play with their dolls and/or Barbie’s. Yet, they all read, their parents encourage them to read or, depending on their age, take the time to read to them.

I try to find unique or fun books and send them to my two young nieces, especially around the holidays. I came across a Thanksgiving book and after flipping through its pages, I found its story amusing, yet also touching, impactful and an overall lesson, for young or old. The Thanksgiving Bowl, by Virginia Kroll is a story targeted towards adolescent children. There are various concepts within the book and I felt like each provide a lesson we could all implement in our current lives, especially around the holiday season.

It's Not About The Turkey

Thanksgiving... a holiday filled with shopping, spending time with cherished loved ones and being thankful for the special things in ones life. I look back at the numerous Thanksgiving holidays I have been blessed to experience, and I fondly remember the meals, the laughs with loved ones, the football games, and most of all the things I could say I was thankful for each year. Obviously, has time has passed, what I am thankful for has changed. From my Barbie camper, to my friends, to my mother, to my health... each year, something new has found its way into my "Thanksgiving prayers".

I look forward to this holiday-- leaves changing, Mother Nature altering our surroundings and a day with those closest to me. Yet, as I have aged, I have also learned various realities in life, one being that not all things stay the same, people come and go and life moves on around us. Therefore, cherishing this day (along with every moment) is the greatest thing Thanksgiving has taught me.