December 2011

365 Days of Thanks - The Journey Continues

The holiday season has come and gone and although I have had some difficulty putting life aside and being thankful for things on a daily basis, the holidays remind us to take that time and to be thankful for all of the things in our lives. I continue tackling my daily thanks…some small and seemingly insignificant while others are much bigger. Regardless of the thing for which I am thankful for, the journey of taking a moment each day continues.

December 14th, 2011 – DAY 20

What am I thankful for? – I am thankful for the awe of children when seeing Santa. Tonight was our work gathering for our clients – what we call family night. It is a night for families to come, eat dinner, enjoy activities and crafts, and this month…the chance to meet and take pictures with Santa. Honestly, seeing children interact with Santa, get excited to see and sit with him…makes the holiday season more festive, more magical, and more fun to experience.

December 15th, 2011 – DAY 21

What am I thankful for? – I am thankful for safe flights. I cannot deny that flying gives me a little anxiety. I enjoy flying overall, but cannot erase the images of crashed airplanes on TV that I have seen throughout the course of my life. I know that the chances of my flight crashing are far lower than my chances of getting into a car accident, but there seems to be something frightening about being hundreds of thousands of feet in the air. I fly a few times each year and any ounce of turbulence sets my mind racing with thoughts of plummeting to the ground. I flew home to spend the week before Christmas with my family and am extremely thankful that I made it there in one piece.

December 16th, 2011 – DAY 22

What am I thankful for? – I am thankful for the innocence of children. Today I was blessed with spending my day with a five year old and 1 year old. There is something refreshing about spending time with children. They don’t filter their thoughts and during this holiday season, their love of the magical world of Santa is breathtaking. The five year old is mesmerized by the elf on the shelf and her specific elf’s name is Sugar. Sugar comes and goes each night relaying intel to Santa. Each morning she searches for him to ensure that he has returned. She believes…truly believes in Christmas. The one year old smuggled a canister of tooth picks out of the grocery store…first offense. She used them as maracas…to shake her way through the store…dancing in her cart and entertaining most of the people she walked by. I wish I could see them more often. I wish I could witness more of these little moments that remind you about what is important in life.

365 Days Of Thanks

Here we are again. Week 3, so to speak. Consistently working to give thanks each day. It’s odd. As each day passes, further and further from Thanksgiving, making these conscious efforts to stop and think about my day, what I am thankful for…becomes harder and harder. I don’t know where that comes from exactly. My guess is that I slowly fall back into my daily routines, slowly fall back into my life routine and essentially, finding a pause each day, isn’t always the easiest task.

Yet, I find with this journey, although it seems to be getting more challenging…taking that time each day…truly has put me in a position to be grateful for my life. Although I believe I was always grateful, now each day holds something new…something beautiful…something to remind me that each day is a blessing.

December 9th, 2011 – DAY 15

What am I thankful for? – Today I am thankful for order, structure and boundaries. I suppose I sound relatively rigid when I say that. However, I am a pretty free spirited woman. I don’t tend to “sweat the small stuff”. Yet, given my career path (criminal justice system), I have a tendency to operate in chaos. I manage this well…9.7 days out of 10. Given the population I work with, I spend my days tackling substance abuse, criminal behavior and overall, life struggles for many individuals. With that being said, I also spend many days dealing with anger, frustration, sadness and an overall struggle with following some of the most basic rules. I run a group on criminal thinking and last week, that group was absolutely WILD.  Whatever was happening that day, all structure and order in that group seemed to have flown out the window right alongside my stress level and ability to tolerate most things. So, afterwards, we regrouped (as staff), revamped the rules a bit and opted to take a different approach the next week…which would be today. I can say that today ran like a half oiled machine. Much better than last week, but still needs a little work to make it run smoothly. Today though, I was able to stop and realize how much we all need a little structure, a little order and a few boundaries in our lives.

365 Days of Thanks

"This journey continues. Day to day...thinking of something or someone who brightened my day."

I started this “Thankful for each day” journey a week ago. Essentially in an effort to remind myself to take a moment each day to be thankful for the things in my life. Big or small. Reality is, this week was a bit harder than the last. It becomes very easy to get engrossed in the day to day tasks in our lives…to forget about the good things when a rough day occurs. All the more reason to continue this journey.

December 1st, 2011 DAY 7

What am I thankful for? – I am thankful for quiet, drama-less days. Today came and went. I sat back at the end of the day, in an effort to continue this challenge I have taken for myself, and wondered what stood out today…what was I thankful for. Honestly, I had to think about this one for a bit. Work was okay…calm and quiet overall. No crazy traffic. Nothing wild on the home front. I felt good today – no illness. I think I was seeking something concrete; a person that stood out, a gift from Mother Nature, a winning lottery ticket. Although each would be wonderful, the reality was that I was thankful for today for different reasons. Life has a tendency to throw us quite a few curveballs, and although I was pretty good at softball, I was great on defense and was horrible at actually hitting the ball. So, having a day that was easy and quiet and seemingly uneventful, sounds like a pretty good day to me.