March 2012

Let's Just Be Thankful

 I thought writing a daily journal, so to speak, of the things I was thankful for…would be a simple task. A task forcing me to analyze my life and ensure I stopped to give thanks for something each and every day. Sadly, this journey was a battle – the hardest part wasn’t finding things to be thankful for. The challenge lay in that, with each day that passes, life goes on. Our schedules fill with appointments, meetings, parties, parent teacher conferences, etc. We rise early in the morning, grab our coffee and breakfast to go, and plug through the work day. We come home, conquer dinner, tackle some chores, hang out with family and begin the bedtime routine.

It’s not that life is too busy to give thanks. It’s just that it became difficult to stop each day and be thankful. It seems that it’s far easier to be thankful for events in our lives. Which…is sad and unfortunate. It seems easy and logical to be thankful for our health, our loved ones, and time with people we care about. It’s not as easy to be thankful for the abnormally warm weather today, the tulips in bloom, the peaceful evening under the stars, etc.

Rather than break down a daily journal, I figure the only thing I can do is to continue this journey – yet simply noting the things that registered that week – those things that made me stop and give thanks. Some weeks that may be one thing, others that may be ten. I suppose this will be contingent upon the cards that life deals each week.