October 2012

Thanksgiving activities

Thanksgiving activities for children and the young at heart

The weather is turning colder in many parts of the country. Thanksgiving is also drawing nearer. This is the ideal time to gather the children and maybe the adults of the family together and take part in some traditional Thanksgiving craft activities. After the crafts are completed, they can be used to decorate the house and be put on display for the big Thanksgiving Day itself.

Where do you begin? Why not begin by having the littlest ones of the group make a nice Thanksgiving Day turkey. This can be done easily by using some construction paper in the following color shades: dark brown, light brown, yellow, red and orange. 

Should you bring a date home for Thanksgiving?

Is Thanksgiving dinner the time to introduce your family to your new boyfriend/girlfriend?

Thanksgiving is known as a family tradition. One will gather with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and parents. This may be the perfect time to introduce the family to one’s new girlfriend or boyfriend. Or is it?

Stop and think for a moment. First, consider your family. What type of family do you have? Is your family the traditional kind? Do they believe only family belongs at the Thanksgiving table? Would they consider it okay for a surprise guest to show up at the dinner? If you brought a girlfriend or boyfriend to this dinner, would it have to be one in which you were seriously involved?  In this case, would serious mean that you saw a future commitment such as marriage as a possibility?

Thanksgiving decorating ideas

Decorating your table for a traditional Thanksgiving


Is there a better time to go all out and become traditional than a day like Thanksgiving? You have already gone to the bother of cooking a traditional feast for your family. Why not set the table to match? This can be done the day or two before the big event and when you begin setting all the delicious food onto that lovely table, you may be glad you went the extra step.